News: Perform an awesome white boy Body Wave

Perform an awesome white boy  Body Wave

Think white kids can't dance?

Meet Jeff. This 17 year old from New Jersey can move.

Pop 'n lock. Body wave. The Urban Dictionary informs:

Popping is a party dance and Funkstyle created by Sam Solomon aka Boogaloo Sam, out of Fresno, California in the mid '70s with the West Coast Funk movement.

Locking is a funk dance created at the early '70s by Don Campbell. There was a dance that was popular at the time called the Funky Chicken. Don Campbell didn't know how to perform this dance properly because every move he did, he used to "lock" his arms. Then the people would say to him: "Do the Lock, Campbell".

Dance the body wave

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pls tell me all details of songs which play in this video

i think the first one's TI

wtf the first 1 is definetly not TI its by flo rida its called in the ayer

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