How To: The Hysterical Truth Behind Contemporary Dance Routines Uncovered

The Hysterical Truth Behind Contemporary Dance Routines Uncovered

Contemporary dance moves are more technical and definitely more serious than your average club dance. You won't be seeing the Booty Dance in any contemporary dance classes, that's for sure.

Dancer and YouTube user Punch Robert created this hilarious video of classic contemporary dance moves with a twist. He is also single, so ladies, learn some of Beyonce's moves and give him a call.

Some of the moves include the "Pewp."

And the "Go to Sleep Bich."

These dance moves were inspired by real dance moves, but Punch Robert has a great way of poking fun at them. And if you want to keep the ball rolling, you have to learn one of the most popular dance moves of the past decade—Psy's Gangnam Style.

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so as my profession is ballet dancer, i can honestly say that i never would have expected to find a section devoted to the right-brained activities! it only shows that you guys are thorough and well-rounded. all the best...

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