News: Lady Gaga & Beyoncé Psycho B*tch Telephone Dance Instructional

Lady Gaga & Beyoncé Psycho B*tch Telephone Dance Instructional

Lady Gaga's most recent music video, "Telephone", costarring fellow megastar Beyoncé, was just posted yesterday on YouTube and has already amassed 8 million views (and is RAPIDLY climbing as you read). Personally, I think the video is pretty incredible. BUT, before you hit play below, be warned. Gaga's latest is most likely NSFW.

SHORT VERSION (More song, less product placement!)

Tarantino inspired, Gaga lays it all out: prison, lesbianism, murder, borderline nudity, and my favorite, cigarette smoking sunglasses (1:26). For all the Gaga-maniacs out there, WonderHowTo is here to serve you. Below: the choreography behind "Telephone", courtesy of the skilled Dejan Tubic.

Now, will somebody please teach us how to make those amazing cigarette sunglasses?

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Haha, there was no shame in slapping product placement everywhere. It reminded me of the truman show.

no kidding. it's kind of insane just how shameless they were.

awesome. possibly.

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