How To: Moon Walk like Michael Jackson

Moon Walk like Michael Jackson

If you want to know how to do Michael Jackson's moonwalk, you should watch this. 1. Find a flat, smooth surface that won't provide an immense amount of friction and wear any comfortable clothes and trainers. 2. Stand with both feet flat on the ground. Lift your left leg into "L" position so that the toe of your right leg is pointed to the floor. 3. Learn how to balance your self. With your weight on your bent leg, slide back your left foot. Be sure to keep your left foot flat on the floor as you slide it back. Also, try to keep your left leg straight. 4. Snap the left heel down and raise the right heel simultaneously so the right heel assumes the "L" position. 5. From the finishing position of the last move, duplicate the slide on the other foot. As you slide your leg back slowly, move your head forward. This will make an illusion as if your head is left behind. If your left leg steps back, your right arm should move forward. 6. Now that you've learned how to do the moonwalk, you need to practice the moves to make it look seamless. After following these simple steps, you are now ready to dance as good as Michael Jackson himself.

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