How to Do the sidesteps clubbing dance move to transition when dancing

Have you ever been getting your thang on at a club, totally impressing your lady and just feeling the music until you decide to switch from one dance move to another and instead of solid flow you either fumble or have to stop and start again? It's easy to get taken off the beat when you're transitioning from one dance move to another, which is why the sidesteps dance move was invented.

This easy move, which simply consists of steping from side to side, is good for the beginning of a song if not much is going on beat-wise, and also good for slowing down from a groove session before going on to your next move.

This is a fundamental dance move that has a lot of movement in it, allowing you to move around and creating a fun atmosphere on the dance floor. It's particularly good for dance, techno, house, funk, disco, and trance music.

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