How to Do the checking dance move to open up space during club dancing

This is one of those dance moves that requires a little bit of practice, but the payoff is a phenomenol increase in the way you handle ladies when dancing at the club. Whether you're single or part of a couple, checking allows you to do two important things: 1. Control the movement and flow of the dancing for both you and your partner, and 2. Open up space for your girl to freestyle a bit.

Checking allows you to have a simple dance pattern to resort back to when you've exhausted your killer disco moves. Checking keeps you dancing and is a hell of a lot more sophisticated than grinding.

Checks is a beginner partnering dance move/turn pattern you can take to the clubs. Simple to lead for men, lots of room for styling for ladies, and styled for urban and club music. Club dance partnering moves create movement on the dance floor and break the typical boring routine guys and girls experience on the dance floor to create a night to remember.

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