How To: Do an arm roll dance with Tabitha Lupien

Do an arm roll dance with Tabitha Lupien

Watch this video to learn how to do the arm roll dance with Tabitha Lupien. 1. Put your arms bent at a 90 degree angle and as fists. 2. Next pop your right shoulder out. Then shift your left shoulder out, but as you shift the left out dip your knees to lower. After doing so, you pop your right shoulder back out. 3. Now when you rise, you shift your left shoulder back to the left and pop your right shoulder to the right and the end. 4. Next your arm rolls back behind your head, then rolls back down. The roll motion are circular motions where your elbow is the pivot. 5. As your arm is rolling up and down, your left are is at a straight downward angle about 25 degrees from your shoulder. 6. Next is putting them all together into one motion. If the body motion is too difficult, the arms alone are just as fine. 7. If wanted, you can add extra head and shoulder motions to create a flashier look.

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