How To: Dance with sexy booty shaking moves at the club

Dance with sexy booty shaking moves at the club

Let this video be as integral a part of your pre-club prep as hairstyling and putting on makeup. After all, we know that even if we're looking our sexiest in our six inch Blahniks, once we actually hit the dance floor it becomes Awkward Central. Some gals find their groove naturally, but for others, it takes a bit of trial and error (and maybe some Jack Daniel's) to loosen up a bit.

If you're finding the dance floor one of your worst enemies, then watch this helpful dance video. You'll learn a nice variety of dance moves that look great on the dance floor but require minimal effort. Best of all, these moves are designed to help you whittle down your waist line, so you'll be getting sexier by the moment as you look hot shaking your tail feathers.

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