How To: Dance the Waka Waka (World Cup anthem) with Shakira

Dance the Waka Waka (World Cup anthem) with Shakira

There is much more going on in Africa than the World Cup games. South Africa is still plagued by poverty, violence, illiteracy and HIV. In this tutorial, superstar Shakira shows you how to help erase hunger and provide schooling for the children of Africa by dancing and participating in a worthwhile cause.

Along with 1Goal, Shakira is raising awareness and now you can, too! In this clip learn all of the dance moves for the Waka Waka - the anthem for the South African World Cup.

Join the Waka Waka revolution with this hip dance steps! "1 Song, 1 Dance, 1 Goal".

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how to player?

It;s hard at first but when I use to it, it;s really nice.

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