How To: Dance to Thriller as a tribute to Michael Jackson

Dance to Thriller as a tribute to Michael Jackson

In this tutorial, we learn how to dance to Thriller as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Start off by moving around on the floor in the very beginning of the song, raising yourself up into the air. After this, you will start to walk left and right like you are a zombie, them walk backwards the same way. Next, you will star to do shoulder sets and then move your arms and do hip thrusts. After this, push back and then stare forward, clap, and slide. Next, stomp and move your arms out and walk, then turn. Continue to do this for the chorus of the song. Next, you will start to do the same zombie walk with more of a dance to it. Continue to do this, when you reach the end you will accomplish this amazing dance!

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That was a very good demonstration of the dance moves. Thank you

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