How To: Dance Michael Jackson's signature kick move

Dance Michael Jackson's signature kick move

Lindyhopper49, a huge fan of the "King of Pop", will teach you how to dance like Michael Jackson. He's not a professional dancer, but he does have some great advice and information on how to to Jackson's most famous moves.

This video tutorial will show you how to dance Michael Jackson's signature kick move. This footwork kick is the one move that really screams Michael Jackson, perhaps first used in the Thriller era.

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i can do the kick i can do all his moves but not the 0 gravity lean but thanx for this you look like a pro to me no lie so thank you thank you

Hey there, I just wanna thank you so much for making these videos. You are really really good. Thanks a lot. Wish I can do those moves just like you. :)))

Oh, It's really awesome, It looks so easy when you are doing It. But me Lol.

You do look like a pro, trying my best to pull some of the moves off but just aint happening, do you do a step by step dvd?

all over world no one mj competition.
i miss u lot mj

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