How To: Dance the body wave

Dance the body wave

Learn how to do the body wave, a basic dance move essential for popping and hip hop dance styles with this video tutorial. Follow these easy steps and you'll be popping and locking in the club in no time.

Learning the technique of the wave will only take 20 min, but to get it smooth and fluid will take a few days. Just practice in front of a mirror after watching this how-to video and you will have a SICK body wave.

Good luck! and HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!

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pls tell me all details of songs which play in this video

i think the first one's TI

wtf the first 1 is definetly not TI its by flo rida its called in the ayer

having an event would like to hire you to entertain professional
business crowd. please contact
event Fri, Nov. 20 in PA. Where are you located?

Great teaching....think I got it


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